MGO Company Limited is a Tanzanian company that offers anyone, anywhere in the country, the opportunity to enjoy high quality products.
We not only provide our clients with easy online purchasing options, but we also guarantee the quality of our products. We accompany our clients from the first consultation before purchase all the way to the delivery of their order right at their doorstep!
We firmly believe that a respected business must adhere to a set of requirements and regulations, and we base our work on this belief. Let's review the most important ones:
All of our products are quality-certified, giving our customers the assurance they require.
We have our own customer service center staffed by highly trained professionals. Our task is not simply to sell goods, as is the case in most online stores, but also to thoroughly consult our clients, informing them about the products and their potential applications. 99% of our customers are not only satisfied with their orders, but they also return to us and recommend us to friends and acquaintances.
Our warehouses are equipped with specialist technology that strictly adheres to regulations for temperature, product storage, transit, and packaging.
We work with the best courier companies in Tanzania. Thanks to their assistance, our clients receive their items as soon as possible. Our couriers are always willing to adjust the delivery time to the client's requirements.
We update customers of the delivery status via SMS messages when packages get dispatched. We provide customized tracking numbers that may be used to track deliveries online.
Finally, payment for your shipment is made after delivery or after goods reach a pick-up point. At MGO we understand that sometimes it can be difficult to trust online sellers. We recognize our customers' concerns, so we don't charge anything until you receive the product. All we ask is that you claim your package if you ordered it. We invest a significant amount of time and money to deliver your shipment to your door.
We have our own delivery service in the capital and major cities. This benefits our clients by ensuring quicker delivery all over the country. If your address is within our coverage, our operator will inform you.
Before dispatching to our clients, each of our items is certified and subjected to a number of checks. All existing norms and regulations apply.
Our design team creates packaging for each of our products to provide each consumer with a unique experience. However, the key benefit lies not in the attractive packaging, but in the composition of each product. Our goods' success is built on their composition, which is created in collaboration with medical and scientific experts.
We warmly welcome new team members and invite ambitious and hardworking individuals to join our rapidly growing company. If you are interested in becoming a part of our team, please leave your CV and contact information below. We look forward to connecting with you soon.